Hi there! I’m Pam, 32 years old and a kindergarten teacher. My 30’s were definitely not off to a good start. I’d gained 40 pounds within 6 months of getting married, and my weight just wouldn’t seem to stop increasing! I know you’re here because you’re interested in Nutrisystem discount codes. But, before I tell you about my Nutrisystem discount codes, let me tell you my story.

Before marriage, I had a rather slim body which I took pride in. My friends used to be so envious of my body, which somehow I could maintain without any exercise or diet whatsoever! My mom being my mom, however, always reminded me to get off my high horse, saying that I wouldn’t have a body to flaunt eventually. I had heard about the post-marriage weight gain plenty of times but I never thought I would have to face it one day.

I don’t know whether it was my mother’s jinx or a just sudden change in my metabolism, but I rapidly started gaining weight after I got married. Also, a month before my marriage I was promoted to a full-time kindergarten teacher from a substitute teacher. Maybe it was the increase in stress levels from my job or the increase in the frequency of going on dates to too many restaurants, but my body just couldn’t seem to stop getting heavier. I started feeling more and more self-conscious and the sight of my slim colleagues every single day wasn’t helping at all.

When all else failed, Nutrisystem didn’t

One day, in the lunchroom, one of my colleagues was talking about her experience with the Nutrisystem meal plans and Nutrisystem coupon codes, going on and on about its affordability and effectiveness. That evening, I went home, opened the website and immediately called up the operators. I was so desperate that I was eager to try anything that had the slightest chance of reducing my weight. Their amazing customer service helped me choose a meal plan best for my lifestyle and answered several of my questions with the utmost patience.


The next day, when I told my husband about my meal plan he was so skeptical that he bet $50 dollars that I would not be able to pull through with the Nutrisystem meal plan. Honestly, even I was skeptical. In the few weeks after I decided that I really needed to lose weight, my fitness regime changed from Zumba classes to aerobics to Pilates to yoga – exercising, truly, never was or will be my forte. But food on the other hand, was my eternal love. I don’t know if it was my determination to prove my husband wrong or my strong desire to return to my slim figure, but once I ordered the Nutrisystem meal plan for the first time, using my Nutrisystem discount code of course, I haven’t looked back since.

The Nutrisystem meal plans helped me portion my meals strictly throughout the day. Let me warn you, this will not be easy at first, especially if you have a tendency of binge-eating in the face of stress, sadness or PMS like I do. A class full of hyper-energized 6-year olds does take a toll on your body and mind, especially when your students refer to you as “Piggy Pam” the entire time.  It’s no big deal when the students call you names, but it starts to sting when your colleagues do too. It took a lot of self-control and discipline, but I managed to stay on the track and eat 6 meals a day and avoid binge-eating. The fact that I was getting such a good deal with my Nutrisystem discount codes, which lowered my daily meal expenditure to about $8, really helped me to stay focused on my plan.

my weight loss

The Nutrisystem lunch bars are so tasty – even kids love them!

The lunch bars, which I’d make sure to purchase with my Nutrisystem promo codes, really helped me with my sugary cravings. So did the dessert option! Yes, that’s right – DESSERT! I could have peanut butter chocolate bars and dessert while on a diet plan! I mean where else can you find a meal plan like that? Honestly, the lunch bars are one of my absolute favourites. They’re portable and filling – perfect for a short school trip. Once, I gave a bite of a Nutrisystem lunch bar to my students on a field trip and they loved it! Nowadays, no trip goes by without them asking for the “special lunch bar”.

Nutrisystem’s not only good for you, it’s good for your family too

Apart from the fact that I saw immediate results from the Nutrisystem meal plan (losing 8 pounds in TWO weeks!), another reason why I stuck to it was because it was so budget-friendly. My husband and I had started saving up for a child, and a time like this, it’s absolutely necessary to make sure you don’t splurge a lot. The Nutrisystem coupon codes helped me cut down my expenditure on food significantly. My keen eye for their coupon codes in newspapers and websites ended up saving me up to $2 per day! It adds up because the coupon codes can be used for all types of meals.

I also love the hours of meal-prep time that the Nutrisystem meal plans save. Nobody wants to get into the kitchen and start cooking after a long, tiring day at work. The easy microwaveable option really spoke to my lazy side.

Here are some pros and cons about Nutrisystem that may get you a clearer picture


  • Really budget-friendly
  • Saves time required for preparing meals
  • Easier to stick to than other meal plans because of the tasty food


  • Need to plan schedule around your meal plans
  • Difficult to commit to the meal plan initially
  • You need a microwave to prepare the meal


I am so thankful to my colleague for introducing Nutrisystem in my life. I’ve gone from weighing 189 pounds to 150 pounds! I feel more self-confident than ever; rocking the clothes that I loved so dearly in my 20’s. I also won the $50 bet with my husband, and I can’t stress enough about the hundreds of dollars I save on food with my Nutrisystem discount codes every year. If you are serious about losing weight, Nutrisystem is definitely the meal plan you’ve been waiting for. The ‘lose 5 lbs+ 1 inch off your waist or money back’ guarantee can act as an incentive to try it even if you’re a skeptic.

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